About Me

Assalamu alaikum! ♡

My name is Tasneem and I'm so happy you've come across my website!

I create bespoke Nikah certificates suitable for newly weds at the Nikah ceremony and I also specialise in the transfer of an original certificate to any of my designs. 

Your marriage keepsake can be beautified to display in your home. 

Mum and Multiple Business Owner

Alongside my business, I am also a mum of two young boys and I own an International Online Madrassah for children.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my boys and husband, making special memories!

What is a Nikah Certificate?

A Nikah certificate is an Islamic marriage contract, which is signed by both partners at the time of marriage alongside legal documents.

At BEZT Nikah Certificates, we are here to ensure that your sacred moment is beautified in the best possible way! Each certificate is uniquely designed so there's surely something for everyone. After the marriage ceremony, keep the memory alive and frame it in your home.

Signing the marriage papers and obtaining the Nikah certificate is a significant and momentous step in a couple's life. It symbolizes the legal recognition of their union and marks the beginning of their married life together.

There is so much planned for the future and I hope you’ll stick around to see it all! I am excited to embark on this business journey and I would like to thank you for being here. ♡

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